Meet The Team


Bob PORTMAN bio picture

Bob Portman
President & CEO

Mike TORSIELLO bio picture

Mike Torsiello

Mike ST. LOUIS bio picture

Mike St. Louis
Vice President of Operations, General Manager Raleigh
(919) 782-4600

Steve BEARDEN bio picture

Steve Bearden
Vice President of Operations, General Manager Columbia
(803) 796-3072

Daniel ERWIN bio picture

Daniel Erwin
Director OF SQPT

Misha KENNEDY bio picture

Misha Kennedy
Director of HR

Bill SMYTH bio picture

Bill Smyth
Director of Preconstruction

John SPIKULA bio picture

John Spikula
Director of IT

Kathleen VENTURA bio picture

Kathleen Ventura
Marketing Manager

Tracey RUFF bio picture

Tracey Ruff

Business Units

Huck SMITH bio picture

Huck Smith
General Manager
Wilmington and Maintenance
(910) 762-2482


Mike Taylor
General Manager
(678) 963-5179

Russ BRADBURY bio picture

Russ Bradberry
General Manager
cherokee millwright
(865) 379-1500