Plant Relocation

SIC crew operating heavy equipment during a plant relocation projectWhether moving a single machine, an entire plant, or even multiple plants, the professionals at Southern Industrial Constructors (SIC) are ready to handle virtually all of your plant relocation needs.

We offer relocation services anywhere in the U.S., and can relocate, consolidate, and reinstall an array of manufacturing machinery and equipment as well as processes systems—all on a turnkey basis.

Industry-Leading, Comprehensive Relocation Services 

We’ve earned a reputation for providing professional and efficient relocations that help customers minimize downtime. Our experienced millwrights, pipefitters, machinists, and project managers offer comprehensive, end-to-end service, from pre-planning all the way through equipment setting and aligning.

Our plant relocation services include:

  • Pre-relocation planning and budgeting
  • Project management and scheduling
  • Performance of all work at the source plant(s):
    • Disconnection and assembly
    • Match-marking, drawings, diagrams, and instructions for reassembly
    • Rigging and removal
    • Demolition and scrap recovery
    • Plant decommissioning
  • Logistics: management and coordination
  • Machinery preparation
    • Steam cleaning, painting, and refurbishment
  • Crafting, packaging, manifesting, and loading
  • Transporting: truck, rail, barge, ship, or plane
  • Freight forwarding and warehousing
  • Performance of all work at destination plant(s)
  • Receiving, off-loading, and storage
    • Temporary off-site warehousing
    • On-site laydown
    • Inventory management
  • Site preparation and equipment layout
    • Machinery installation and relocation; equipment setting, rigging, and millwrighting
    • Process and utility piping, process ductwork
    • Power, instrumentation, and controls
    • Concrete construction, precision, and heavy foundations
    • Steel fabrication and erection
  • Building construction, deconstruction, and demolition
  • Unloading, uncrating, and staging
  • Setting, aligning, and leveling
  • Installation/connection of electrical and mechanical commissioning and run-in