Electrical Power, Instrumentation, and Controls

SIC team members working on an electrical installation projectSouthern Industrial Constructors (SIC) has extensive experience installing and modifying power, instrumentation, and controls for a variety of manufacturing, process, and power facilities.

We perform turnkey electrical installations, modifications, and upgrades for new and existing facilities, as well as system deconstruction and demolition for old equipment. Our team has the tools and skills to provide customized electrical system solutions for sites ranging from smaller remote power systems to large-scale industrial plants.

Customer-Centered Installation Services

Our technicians install, program, calibrate, commission, and maintain electrical instrumentation, power distribution gear, and process control systems to customers’ unique operational needs. Whether migrating direct control systems and panels for an entire plant, or installing fiber-optic cabling, we help ensure proper installation and migration—with minimal disruption.

We also offer preventative maintenance scheduling to help mitigate malfunction and reduce the risk of unexpected incidents.

SIC’s capabilities include:

  • Turnkey electrical installations, modifications, upgrades, deconstruction, and demolition
  • High, medium, and low voltage power
  • Substation, switchgear, and other power distribution gear
  • Motor controls of all types
    • Motor control centers
    • Variable frequency drives
    • Solid state starters
  • Electrical instrumentation and process control systems
  • Distributed control and programmable logic controller systems
  • Networking systems and fiber-optics

To learn more about our power, instrumentation, and controls services, contact us today.