Millwright Services

SIC team members performing millwright services at a client facilitySouthern Industrial Constructors (SIC) offers a comprehensive set of millwright services for manufacturing, process, and power plants.

Whether bringing in new equipment, moving machinery within a building, or relocating an entire plant to a new facility hundreds of miles away, we have you covered—from installation, setting, and alignment to dismantling, refurbishing, and reassembly.

Professional Craftspeople with Specialized Expertise

SIC’s professionals have experience working in a wide range of manufacturing facilities, including tier one and two automotive plants, food processing and clean room environments, and commodities manufacturing plants. 

Our craftspeople understand that safety and efficiency are key components of a successful project. On every job, they help maintain the highest standards of safety, while striving to minimize downtime whenever possible.

Precision Machinery and Conveyor Assembly

On relocation and integration projects, we offer close tolerance and precision alignment for machinery and conveyor assembly and installation. Whenever possible, we use laser and optics to measure and align couplings, which helps avoid damage to bearings and seals, minimize energy loss, and increase equipment lifespan.

Our millwright services include:

  • Installing
  • Setting
  • Close tolerance and precision aligning
    • Laser and optical
  • Leveling
  • Dismantling
  • Refurbishing
  • Reassembling
  • Moving